I was on my way from work yesterday when I stopped at the video store to pick up a movie for my wife and daughter. I was to bring home a copy of "Magic Mike". I felt like a man who was send to the grocery store for feminine hygiene products. I know when I am sent on that mission I always grab some other items so the "girl junk" is not the only thing I am sporting at the counter. I always end up coming home with a jug of iced tea, a Snicker bar and tampons.

Yesterday as I was walking up to the counter holding only a copy of "Magic Mike" I looked around for iced tea and Snickers. There weren't any of those items so I grabbed a copy of "Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter" and covered my copy of "Magic Mike". When I put them on the counter I felt obligated to say "One for me, one for the wife." The lady at the store looked at me and said "You're wife likes vampire movies? Cool." I laughed and went on my way.