We have all experienced way too much tragedy lately. I have battled with how to approach it and talk about it. It is almost like we are getting desensitized to massive tragedy because it has happened so often lately. I can not wrap my brain around what is going on in people's minds. I firmly believe that if it weren't guns they would find some other weapon of destruction. I think it comes down to there is just pure evil out there. I so wish they would just turn the gun on themselves first. I feel the devil is working and lurking inside many people and we cannot let him win.

How do you stop these things? I don't have an answer but I do know we must be alert and mindful of others. We need to be suspect of people like never before. It is not a "benefit of the doubt" society anymore we must question people and get educated on reading signs of the disturb and call them out on it. We can't be as concerned about falsely accusing someone as we used to. We need to question everything and everyone and be suspicious. I am not saying we change who we are as a happy, loving society but we need to be aware that, like it or not, pure evil is in our world. We need to be aware of it but continue being a loving society. It isn't easy. These are hard times but we can still love our way through them. Hold those dear to you tighter than ever. Tell your loved ones how you feel more often than necessary. Let those you love feel your love. If everyone felt loved and appreciated it would be a better world.

My heart breaks for those families who will be missing their angels this week and for the rest of their lives. I will pray for them as I hug my parents, children, grandchild and my entire family. I am so thankful to have them and so heartbroken for those who don't. This Christmas I ask everyone to take an empty box and fill it with a prayer or loving thought and wrap it up and put it under the tree this year in remembrance of all the little ones who were taken from us. Just a colorful box to show that they are not forgotten and they are with every single one of us. I know it will be meaningful for me and help me feel just a bit more connected with these precious angels who will be looking down on us. God bless the child and thank God for kids.