Back to school time is here. There are so many emotions that come with this time of the year, joy, sadness, excitement, relief, stress, they are all there. First off, I wish all returning students good luck and success in your education. Pack that 30 pound backpack and show up each day and give your best, it will pay off in the long run.

I remember my first day of elementary school. I boarded the bus and walked back to an open seat. I dropped my notebooks and when I bent over to get them I ripped the butt right out of my pants. I had to spend the whole day walking around backwards thinking no one would see. I was a mooner at a very early age. I came off the bus backside first and I can still hear my parents saying "Oh Brian". That phrase has been repeated infinite times since. I had many embarrassing moments in school. We all did, so don't feel bad if something happens to you. We all have been through it.

I love back to school time because it means structure. There is a time to go to school, a time to come home, a sit down supper time and a bedtime. I like that. I also remember all of the emotions that come into play at this time. I know that pain of dropping off kids for the first time, for their very first day school. I know that teary eyed drive home after leaving them there. It can be a tough one on kids and parents alike. Then they reach the age where you have to drop them off a block or 2 away from the school because it would be uncool to be seen with your parents. Then we get them their own cars and wait for the sound of them pulling in the drive and breathing a sigh of relief. I remember it all.

Drivers, please be on the lookout, our kids will be walking to school and there will be a lot more foot traffic out there. Keep your eyes open and help keep them safe.

Do you have an embarrassing back to school story? Did you rip your pants too? Share with me.