It is no mystery that I love my Minnesota Vikings. I love my Broncos too but purple runs in my blood. I have written in the past about my pregame rituals and we came through big time on Sunday. I am convinced that my family and I are the reason the Vikings beat the Bears this weekend. It was not Adrian Peterson or Jared Allen, but my daughter and I who deserve the credit.

I have slacked off lately with my pregame traditions but got on track on Sunday. I always put on my Viking helmet and bash some things around the house and there is always the pregame good luck vacuuming. This week my helmeted daughter took over the vacuuming

Brian Gary, TSM

job and did a splendid job. I decided since it was a really big game and a must win that I needed to take things a step further. I got my obnoxious Viking winter jacket on, strapped on the helmet and went for a little motorcycle ride. Check out the video below. My neighbors had to wonder who the idiot in the Viking helmet riding his Harley around was but then again I'm sure they knew exactly who it was.

Bottom line is I did what I needed to do and they won 21-14. I know the really do have a hand in the outcome of the game. If you have a pregame ritual you can share, please do so in the comments section below. I will have to get a Bronco helmet so I can help them go all the way this year too. You are a fan. You have power. What are you doing to use it?