Don't cheat, but at the end of this I will ask a question to see if you can remember what you just read.

Memory comes into play everyday in my life and I have to be honest, I don't always meet the challenge. Nothing worse than someone saying, "you remember you have a meeting this afternoon" or Don't your remember saying you would drive me to the airport... yikes! :)

I read all the time and there are a few idea's on how to  improve your memory and oddly enough one of the ways to improve memory is to play games... yes, games. And there are different games that affect different memory patterns such as recall and working memory.

There are theories that say we never really forget anything as it imprints in our brains it is 'stuck' there forever. I guess that's why a lot of exercises focus so much on recall. Do you know that one memory can actually act like an offensive lineman and block another memory-crazy!

It's been said that if you learn a word in German and learn the same word in Spanish that you may have difficulty recalling the German version of the word-there goes that offensive lineman again. And here is a refreshing thought when it comes to memory... memory doesn't necessarily fade with age... aging merely slows our ability to recall quickly, making it look like we are more forgetful.

Here's your question... "what 'game position' did I use as an example of memory blocking"?

Good luck and happy memories.