How far will you go for your friends? I have been trying to help a friend of mine who has a very bad addiction to alcohol. There are few things more sad than seeing someone you love and care for fall apart in front of your very eyes. When it comes to addiction, nothing can be done until the person themselves want to be fixed. You sit around and painfully wait for them to hit rock bottom and hope they have to will to fight on and reclaim their lives. As friends, we try to convince them of all the things they can still achieve and the life they can still have if they just put down the bottle. I have watched as relationships, property, lives and careers get destroyed by addiction.

The most terrifying thing is when it reaches the point of them talking about ending it all. How seriously do you take the threat of them killing themselves? I take it very seriously. There is nothing that would break my heart more than if a friend took their own life and there was something I could have done to stop it. I believe in doing everything I possibly can.

I had to endure this exact situation yesterday. I told my friend when he started talking about ending it all that I would do whatever it takes to stop that from happening including involving the police. I did just that and had them do a check on him. I cannot thank them enough for doing this. He may end up being mad at me for the rest of his life but all I wanted was for him to have a “rest of his life”.

When it comes down to it, I can’t make him quit. All I can do is remind him of all the reasons to win the fight and hope he will care as much as I do. I am willing to risk losing a friendship to keep a friend alive. I love you buddy. You can win.

Does this sound like a friend of yours too?