Is it sheik to be single? Has marriage lost its charm in Fort Collins, Greeley and Loveland? It seems to have become one of the least important parts of life globally and this Coloradoan is curious.

I have been to some beautiful wedding's, like my friend Sarah', but it seems that the ceremonies, universally have become a rarity verses the norm. It feels like to me that we have put the cart before the horse, but not accidentally. So, I started to think, why?

Divorce rates: Ahh, here's a good reason. It seems that there are more divorces than there are marriages anymore. Hanging in there or respecting each other don't really existence in today's world. If someone has a habit that is annoying its okay, divorce them. If your spouse says stupid things when you fight, they must be horrible people and its time for a divorce. (surely there are situations that fall into the extreme category, I am only talking about the casual situations-if there is emotional/physical abuse, then there is legit reasons to get out as opposed to not putting the cap on the toothpaste) You hear and read some really stupid reasons for divorce if you look and listen.

I read a while back ago that actress  Scarlett Johansson said of her divorce from actor Ryan Reynolds that she just wasn't ready for the ups and downs of marriage.

-Weddings are hard work. I married way too young, I wasn't ready

Maybe that's it, maybe marriage is just too much work? What do you think? I think parenting is a lot harder, but that seems to be on the rise.

So when I look at the real number statistics in Larimer County for divorce it shows that divorces are actually down from 5/6 years ago. The divorce rate according to Larimer County data sources is right around 6%, marriages have fluctuated from high to low to level out around 12.2%. Hmmm... if you look at it with a slightly crocked head it looks like 50% success rate or am I reading that wrong?

Anyway you slice it I think that we should try harder to protect our love, to respect one another and to believe in fairy tales.