It seems that twice a year we gargle and grumble about turning the clocks back or ahead, yet year after year we still do it. Tell me Fort Collins, Loveland and Greeley... what do you think?

mdpettitt, flickr

Not every state plays along with the whole moving the clock around game... you can get away with staying put in time if you live in certain territories in the U.S, in Hawaii and in Arizona-at least  some folks got it right.

Scientist's say we can't make up sleep so don't go falling into the fable that we will regain the hour we lost last spring. All that we really happy is that it will be lighter in the morning and darker earlier in the evening-period. I won't get much more or less work done, the new dawn or dust won't suddenly cause me to pick up a new hobby or dance circles in the middle of the street. so what is it all about today any way?


The stories have worn so many different shirts that who knows what the real reason is anymore. The farmers... the economy... greater production?!? Nonetheless, this weekend its time to once again conform. Sunday morning at 2 a.m. turn those clocks back one hour. I usually do it when I go to bed, unless that is 2 a.m., but sporting a cold this end of Daylight Saving time, I doubt I will be up around 2 a.m. Then again you could wait till you get up in the morning, but that always makes me feel uneasy, especially in the spring when you think its 9 a.m. only to discover its actually 10 a.m. yuck!

Good luck and hopefully it won't affect you too much, just don't be an hour early for church or scream at your tv cause you can't find your favorite football game. :)