Growing up in Chicago, I put my way through college working for Seven-Up as a helper on their trucks. In Chicago, carbonated drinks were always referred to as “pop” pronounced, of course, with that nasally hard-core Chicago accent.

As I moved through life I’ve noticed that some regions, like me, call it pop...mostly in the midwest. Other regions, namely the coasts and the south, refer to it as soda. I did a survey in the office just now and found that 60% refer to it as soda and the other 40% are pop.

So my question is: what does Northern Colorado call a carbonated soft drink? Let’s settle this once and for all. We are asking everyone to vote…we will then declare the official name of these beverages for people who live in Northern Colorado.

“Oh you refer to this refreshing Coca Cola as (pop or soda), you must be from Northern Colorado”.

Vote early and often.