Yes Please! Oh wait, was there a question?

I love mashed potatoes, in fact I had mashed potatoes at my wedding... a Beach wedding... with skewered meats, shrimp  and veggies...

in other words, one wouldn't necessarily think mashed potatoes would fit on the menu. But my first born, Zachariah, a certified chef, made sure it was.

Mashed potatoes mixed with corn is probably my least favorite, but if its part of a casserole, boy I can eat that stuff up. And remember, mashed potatoes don't have to be ubber fattening or unhealthy. Use low sodium chicken broth instead of milk and if you don't like the texture then use skim or 1% milk. I wouldn't omit the butter, but you can, I would cut down on the butter to save calories. (real butter is about 26 calories per pat) And of course the best way to save calories with your mashed potatoes is to watch your portions, bet you thought I was going to say not to have them... not me, I say eat them, just eat half of what you really want to eat if you are watching your calories.

Please vote in my poll, I really would like to see how many mashed potato 'friends' I have.