Summertime is s'more time. Who doesn't love cooking on the grill and making the family favorite for dessert? Yesterday was Mother's Day so we fired up the grill for some steaks and taters. It was a delicious feast but no feast is complete without a little fun for dessert. We all saved room for s'mores. We have a difference of opinion on the roasting of the marshmallow in our family. I like to rotate mine continuously and make a perfectly browned marshmallow. I am careful to never let it catch on fire and roast it until it is just a bit crunchy on the outside and brown as a Puerto RIcan tan. My wife and daughter prefer theirs to be black as coal. They make a big mallow fire on a stick and then mash it tween the crackers. How do you like your marshmallow roasted? These are the kind of issues that can fragment a family. Please answer the poll and let us know. Happy s'more season!!