All girls ask this question, we ask it of girlfriends, boyfriends, spouses and even strangers, here's the best way to answer.

  • When looking at the dress, likely the third of fourth, answer with a question "how do you feel about the dress"? Stay away from the word fat and maybe say "I think the other one was more flattering"
  • Sometimes the question has nothing to do with the outfit and more about the person, it's almost like they're asking do you love me. Handle this by replying "I lthink its/you are amazing" (unless we are really talking about a dress here and its ugly and not flattering at all, then go back to the first approach to answering).
  • We really may need a self-esteem booster here, in this case help her pick out her favorite colors, not black and remind her that she looks good in anything because all you see is her not her clothes.

When you've worked your way through whether its a real question, a self-esteem building questions or an emotional support situation offer to buy lunch/dinner and go pig out on the smile foods you know she likes. Girls really just want to be loved, no matter what their weight, you've known her long enough, sometimes her weight is up sometimes its down, but the greatest thing about her... she is always herself, always a little dramatic, silly, serious and funny and that's why she is in your life, not because she wears a size 6 or a size 20.