I had one of those embarrassing moments the other day, and I will lay the blame on Charley Barnes and Taylor Swift. I was driving around town, jamming to Charley Barnes in the afternoon. I love Charley's show and crank him up on a daily basis. He was doing his Brand New with Barnes segment, and I had the volume cranked up. After his Brand New with Barnes song finished, he went right into Taylor Swift's "You Belong With Me". I still had the volume near 9 and was singing along. I was just in a good mood, and Charley had me rocking.

I was at a stoplight with the song cranked and my window down; it was just me singing along. The song was at the part where she sings "she's cheer captain and I'm on the bleachers." I was singing along loudly when I noticed there was a UPS truck beside me. They always have the door open, and he heard every word I sang. Here was a long haired biker looking dude in a truck singing along to Taylor Swift at the top his lungs. That light couldn't change fast enough. Thanks Charley! If you weren't so great to listen to I would've never been busted.

Have you had any embarrassing moments in traffic?