When you think about American foods, what are the top foods that come to mind? Let's see how American you are Colorado, check the list below.

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  • S'mores, not only a chocolate, gooey childhood favorite, a great American past time favorite when camping or lighting up the backyard fire pit.
  • Chili Dog's, the messier the better, no beans please
  • If you're watching the game, which is very American, you gotta have some hot wings.
  • Following the saying, "As American as Apple Pie," Apple Pie, an American staple since the 18th-Century.
  • PB & J, do we really need to say anything more? Oh wait, do you want the crust of your bread cut off?
  • The Hamburgermight not have come from an American mind, but its been the main event at many barbeques since 1900. The burger was created by a Danish immigrant in Connecticut. 
  • Fried Chicken, there may be a million different ways to make it, but make it you must for at least one American family bbq picnic this summer.
  • Chicken Fried Steak, for breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner this is an American staple for sure. And if Fort Collins, if you want one of the best there is, order it up at the Silver Grill and grab a seat on the patio.