By now, if you have listened to K99 or visited in the past year, you've heard or read the stories of Charley Barnes and Brian Gary regarding a trip to the front steps of the infamous Westboro Baptist Cult. I was the third person on this trip and here is my story.

Ever since I heard Charley talk about his first ride to Westboro, I knew one day I would have to go. My day came when I received the invitation from Charley and Brian Gary. Immediately I felt a swelling of pride I hadn't felt since my baby was born. At the same time, I was more nervous than a long-tailed kitty in a room filled with rocking chairs. I had only had my motorcycle license for about 2 weeks and was about to embark on a ride length that most seasoned motorcycle riders have never done. From Loveland, CO to Topeka, KS almost 600 miles one way.

After we had gotten to Topeka safe and sound we checked into the motel of horrors. For that I will reference Brian's blog. The next morning Charley, Brian and I headed out to Gage Park, the site of a Korean War Memorial and weekly protest site for the Wet-burros. We took command of the busiest corner of the park. While standing on that corner, I felt a swell of emotions coming over me ranging from a Chuck Norris bad ass feeling to a sense of pride resulting in a few tears. I had a felling that the most important place in the world, at that moment, was right where I was standing holding my American Flag and singing the Star Spangled Banner over and over again to myself. I never did see the Wet-burros out there that day. Rumor was, they knew we were in town. After the Cult didn't show up at Gage park, we wanted to make sure they knew we were in town. We paid a visit to the compound. That was where I saw the absolute disgust I've heard in stories and seen on the news. There were signs stating "God hates America" and signs showing their fear of homosexuality. The most disgusting display was an upside down, rainbow colored American flag placed so high the neighbors for a couple blocks could see it. For all of our efforts to lure the snakes out of the pit, they didn't even so much as open the door.

Even though we rode back in 60 miles an hour headwinds and crosswinds that had us riding for a couple miles at the time leaning, I couldn't shake the sense of pride from the weekend. For the trip back home, I will reference you again to Brian's blog. After riding for many hours in horrible conditions, we finally made it home. My 3 daughters decided to give me a heroes welcome. They made a "WELCOME HOME DADDY" sign with enough color to drown Rainbow Brite. Just when I thought the weekend in Topeka with the Wet-burro Baptist Cult had drawn out all of my emotions, I was wrong. It has been a year and the love for my God, my country and our soldiers has never been more prevelant. It has been a year and we are prepping to ride again. My life has never been the same since or ever will be the same. GOD BLESS AMERICA.

Danny Joe