We have always said that if children were in charge of the world we would have no problems. Children have the ability to let things bounce off of them and find the ultimate goal of happiness. I am so lucky to have two little grandchildren to remind me of what joy really is.

Yesterday I was having a bad day. I have been a bit down lately and not my usual self. Things have been getting to me and apparently it shows. I was just sitting in my chair in the living room yesterday and Zander was at the table coloring. He looked up at me and said "papa why do you have a sad face?". He then came over and gave me a big hug and said "maybe we should talk into tubes." He pulled out his poster tube and walked over to me going "papa, papa". He then handed it to me and said "now it's your turn. Say Zander, Zander". Do you know it is impossible to not smile when you talk through a tube? I was instantly brought to a happy place.

I love you Zander. Thank you for bringing Papa out of his funk. Next time you are having an argument with your spouse or having a bad day, break out a poster tube and talk to each other. You will not stay mad. It's impossible.