An Albuquerque New Mexico packing plant has been seeking permission for more than a year to reinstate the practice of slaughtering horses.  So the question now is will Congress step in and reinstate the ban. 

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack recently said,

We are going to do this, and I would imagine that it would be done relatively soon. The department is working to make sure the process is handled properly for the opening of what would be the first domestic horse slaughter house in six years  - Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack

To get you caught up, here it is in a nutshell. Congress eliminated funding in 2006 for inspections of slaughter houses which forced a shutdown of domestic facilities. In 2011, Congress reinstated the funding which is when Central Valley Meat Co. asked for permission to slaughter horses. They were ignored so Central Valley Meat sued the Department of Agriculture and just had their plant inspected last week.

The Obama Administration opposes horse slaughter and quite frankly so do I. The recent budget proposal eliminates funding for inspections of horse slaughter houses, which means the ban on the practice would remain intact but Congress will have to act on it.

But it all boils down to one simple thing.  Is a horse a pet or just considered livestock.  I would like to believe that most would say the horse is indeed a pet, a best friend and family member.  We don't slaughter cats and dogs so I hardly think horses are any different.  Of all the horse owners I know, some of them hardcore fence riding guys for 6 months out of the year, will all say they would do anything for their horses.