I have always been proud to call Charley Barnes my brother. He has been there for me through life's darkest times and it's brightest. He has sat with me in hospital waiting rooms, searched the city with me for a daughter who hadn't come home, fixed broken things in my home and so much more. This is true friend. When I have been in need Charley has never failed me. I am now asking you to support my buddy.

In June Charley is taking the ride of all rides. He is going to border to border and coast to coast riding 10,000 miles in 10 days to raise money for Honor Flight. This is such a great cause and salute to our vets. I cannot imagine how difficult this ride will be but if there is one man who can pull this off, it's Charley. He has the drive and passion to do this. You can help. He is looking for us to sponsor miles on his trip. If we can give a dollar for each mile he rides he can send 10 vets on Honor Flight. The more money he raises the more vets he can fund for the Honor Flight. I have pledged to sponsor 100 miles. I challenge you to do what you can. Think of what these soldiers have done for us and then open you heart and wallet. Charley needs you on this one. Be there for him like he has been for our vets. Click the link below to get involved and help Charley reach his goal.