The town of Holyoke was hit by a tornado Monday night and my son was closer than he ever dreamed he would be. Holyoke is where Todd grew up and where my son Nick makes his home. Nick lives on the outskirts of town right beside the airport. The tornado ripped up hangers at the airport and even flipped a plane over. My son lives right across the road. If it would have hit just a few hundred yards in the other direction, his home would be gone. The back window of his vehicle was blown out. It looks like it blew out from the inside the way the frame is blasted out. I can only imagine the pressure that wind created.


He told me they were standing in the living room holding on to the walls and windows as they felt like they were going to collapse. He said it was the most terrifying ordeal he has ever been through. I know folks here in Windsor can relate to that feeling. He went out to the golf course and snapped the picture of the huge tree that was just uprooted by the force of the winds. I am just thankful they are safe and sound with minimal damage. Mother Nature can get very angry around here. Always be aware of the weather conditions before you head out but as you know, they can change in a second. He told me the sirens had just stopped and they went outside to feel an eerie complete calm. It was a minute later when all of the sudden all hell broke loose. Our thoughts go out to all the folks cleaning up the mess.