We're getting reports of possible rain clouds over the High Park Fire... can it be?

So the radar map shows possible droplets heading our way in the next hour or so, but the potential good news is the "green" cluster headed seemingly directly towards the fire later today.

I know that we have all been hoping and some praying and others crossing fingers that rain would fall, maybe our answer is near.

Many have written thanks to the firefighters and many have called in and ask that I play song's for them... please let me be heard when I say thank you to each and every person working the High Park Fire. The firefighters and their families have given up so much all week to save our lands and homes and neighbors and pets... thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I have seen the conditions that you must work in everyday thanks to so many great photographers in our area and I have seen where you lay your head for a minute of rest in between each battle... thank you.

I will pray for rain without lightening this afternoon... that your children know that you are safe and love them... that you will get more than a wink of sleep tonight and that you know how much you are appreciated.

God Bless the Fireman!