As the fire continues to burn there is some good news.

As of noon today the Larimer County Sheriff's office has lifted an evacuation order:

The evacuation area south of County Road 38E from Gindler Ranch Road west to Milner Ranch Road is being lifted. All residents in this area are free to return home as of noon today.

Other good news is that the fire is at 5% containment and the outlook is good at getting a better control of this fire that has taken so much:

  • Over 43 thousand acres
  • An undisclosed amount of property and structures
  • A life: Linda Steadman-a mother, grandmother, sister and wife perished in the cabin she loved.

Some containment lines were completed on the east flank of the fire yesterday. Today firefighters are working hard to create and complete lines on the west and south sides.

Keep up the good thoughts and raid dances... dry weather conditions today and shifting winds are cause for concern and create a more difficult scenario for the firefighters.