Every day I pass up my skis, my bicycle, hiking boots, etc on the way to my barn. All the recreational activities that I used to enjoy B.H. (before horses) have been replaced with chores. Surprisingly, I enjoy working the manure fork more than most any other workout AND it's time with my horses.

So when I read that Colorado is the least obese state and we rank number 1 in physical activity, I felt like I'd contributed to those stats. They are from United Health Foundation’s annual health rankings released December 10. The index ranks Colorado as the eighth healthiest state

Gov. John Hickenlooper said, "It's no surprise that Colorado retained its No. 1 ranking as the least obese state in the nation. With our abundant year-round outdoor recreation opportunities, it’s natural that Coloradans also rank first in physical activity.”

Colorado ranked second lowest in cardiovascular deaths and third lowest in cancer deaths. Both rankings were unchanged from 2014. Some recent examples of Colorado’s public health-based efforts to ensure conditions in which entire populations can be healthy include:

  • Facilitating timely and complete immunizations among children and other populations at risk for infectious diseases.
  • Reducing deaths from motor vehicle accidents across populations, especially younger drivers, through education about driving safety, seatbelt use and distracted driving.
Each year, United Health Foundation analyzes behaviors, public and health policies, community and environmental conditions, and clinical care data to provide its annual health rankings.