I think in today's digital fueled society, we tend to take shortcuts with just about everything; especially when it comes to reading. Take this sign for example.

I saw this sign on Facebook this morning and wanted to share this with you because your initial reaction will probably be just like mine.  I was enraged and ready to take a road trip!

The sign was just hanging on the door but without an explanation or a picture of the store/business it was seen on leaves us to jump to conclusions.  What business would possibly put this on their door?  Then you read the fine print and realize the beauty and art of "reading" before jumping to conclusions.

I have not fact checked this story because it doesn't matter.  The message is still there for all of us to see and that message is don't rush into making and passing judgement untill you look at and read all the facts.

Moral of the story:  Read the fine print, it could save you some grief and/or embarrassment.