K99 has been bombarded with people wanting to wish Brian a speedy recovery and we wanted to come up with a way that you can help cheer him up in the hospital as he recoverers. We have literally received hundred of messages through Facebook, e-mail, by phone, and on the K99 website sending kind thoughts and prayers Brian's way. Thank you for that. Now we would like to give you the opportunity to record a very quick video with a message to Brian using Instagram; if you don't have the smart phone app already, it's 100% free and very easy to use. If you've never used Instgram, we found a step-by-step tutorial is a great help.

When you're done recording your video message to Brian, simply tag the video with #briangary in the "Add a caption" field and he will be able to see it on his phone in the hospital. This will take just a few minutes but we know that all of your smiling faces will make his day and put him in great spirits. Alternatively you can also leave a message for Brian in the comments section below this post...

Here is a look at a few of the videos that our staff has recorded already so that you can get the hang of things...

Instagram Messages to Brian from Fans

Todd's Instagram Message to Brian

D's Instagram Message to Brian

Charley's Instagram Message to Brian