I cannot believe it has been 7 years since my whole world changed. I knew that being a grandfather would change my life but I had no idea how much love I still had to give. There is nothing like the love of grandparent and grandchild and I am so lucky to have 3 that I love with every ounce of my being. Today is a very special day as we celebrate my oldest grandson Zander's 7th birthday.

I am so proud of the young man he is growing into. Zander is truly the best friend a person could have and has so many traits that most of us adults could use more of. I learn so much from this boy on a daily basis. Happy birthday my little buddy. I love who you are and how much you love life.

Brian Gary, TSM

I am most proud of how kind you are to other people and how you care about their feelings. You are going to make the world and more kind, loving and peaceful place. Your smile can light up the darkest day and shine like nothing I have ever seen. Your heart is so big and giving. I see you trying to just make people smile and how much joy you get from making people happy, proud, and included. You are already what God intended people to be. I love how you treat and respect and love animals and nature. You are one of most beautiful people inside and out that has ever been on this earth and you've done all of this in just 7 years. I look forward to watching you grow older and be the amazing young man you already are. I love you Zander and I love how you love your family. Thank you for making my life more than I deserve. I love you forever. I love you for always. I love you 27 (it's a family thing, he knows what it means) Happy Birthday!!!