The Nurse-Coordinator for Cheyenne Frontier Days is reminding people to drink plenty of water in hot weather.

Daniel Beckle says you should actually start drinking fluids on hot days before you feel thirsty, because by the time your thirst kicks in your body is already feeling the effects of dehydration. Beckle also says free water is available at the CFD first aid station. Beckle says drinking alcoholic beverages is not a good idea for hydration because alcohol actually dehydrates your body.

Beckle says if you start feeling a headache on a hot day you may be low on fluids. He says you can also tell if you are dehydrated by conducting a ''tent'' test. He says the way to conduct such a test is to squeeze the skin on the back of your hand. If the skin immediately returns to it's normal position you probably aren't dehydrated. But if the skin retains a ''tent'' shape after the pressure is removed you should drink some water.

Beckle also says people who are visiting Cheyenne from places with lower elevations should not push themselves too hard while visiting.and drink plenty of water. He says this is especially true for people with a pre-existing condition, such as heart problems.

And finally Beckle reminds people the first-aid station at Frontier Park is located under the ''C'' section stands, and is manned by medical professionals during CFD.