In 2006, Heartland released a single that would become an instant wedding anthem. The title track of that first album, I loved her first, screamed to the #1 position on the charts and as fast as it happened, it was just as fast that we never heard from them again, until now.


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After releasing a couple more songs from that original album with no success at all, many of the members decided to part ways and go back to building families. Another main reason for the long delay for new music has been vocal problems for Jason Albert who was ordered to give the vocal bells a rest or face permanent damage.  The new trio now shares all lead vocals so Albert doesn't have to carry that burden himself.

Now in 2012, only two of the original members remain; Jason Albert and Chuck Crawford. Heartland recently welcomed aboard Chad Austin who himself has previously recorded two albums and the band has also changed record labels in hopes of finding that success one more time.

Heartland's newest single called "The Sound A Dream Makes" will be on a new album coming out sometime in 2013; No release date or album title have been announced at the time of this post.

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