It all happened in the blink of an eye at the grocery store.  One of those moments you know in a split second will not end well, and then, it's decision time.  Run, or stand tall!

So there I was hammering through the grocery story filling out my "short list" and realized I had one too many gallons of milk and decided to put one back.  Upon transfer from my right hand to the left, something instantly went awry.

In the blink of an eye, and all in slow motion with flailing limbs, the gallon of milk was no longer in my possession and in complete "free fall" mode.  Click the audio button for what I sounded like in those precious seconds.

As soon as the gallon of milk hit the floor, my next thought was that I would be tackled by store cops thinking I was a teenager (yeah, right) pulling a new prank called "Gallon Smashing" which is just a wasteful and mean thing in my opinion.  It's ironic that I first heard of this just a few days ago. (Check out the video below)

I wasn't tackled but was seen by one older guy who just laughed and smiled.  I told him "50 years on this earth and now this."  He said, "Live and learn."  And yes, I did report it to store authorities vs. leaving the scene of the crime.