We are into the second week of trying to live a healthier lifestyle. I am not on a diet, I am changing the way I live. I have tried diets before and they can help you loose weight but if it isn't something you can do the rest of your life it is only a temporary fix. I could go on an onion broth and beet diet and loose a bunch of weight quickly but then I would just put it back on. Who can live on broth and beets for life? I am making changes that I continue forever.

I have been eating lots of fruits to curb the sweet craving and been cooking my own meals instead of eating out of a sack. I take the time the night before to prepare what I will need to eat for the following day. I am making my intake a planned event and not just winging it. I am making my nutrition a priority. It takes a lot of work to eat right but I am worth it. It has only been a couple weeks but I can feel less pressure on the buttons of my clothing and my energy level has increased greatly. I am sleeping better and waking up feeling much fresher. I can tell my digestive system is working much better too. Let's just say I don't need crime scene tape when I use the facilities anymore. I can say this feels great. I was at the point when I could have just curled up in a ball and died. I had no zip in me at all. Every day I would walk through my front door and feel defeated but now I walk in feeling like I can win. I know I can do this. Are you doing what you can to stick around and give the world all of you it deserves? Join me. If I can do this you can. I have no goal in mind other than feeling good and alive. I go to the cardiologist tomorrow and will let you know how that goes.