Has this ever happened to you? You're hauling big bales of hay when one falls off...on Highway 14? Friend Alicia and I were bringing back hay from Wellington. These were 3 by 3 by 8 bales I was leading the way when I lost the bale off my trailer. Alicia was in the truck behind me so
the lost bale was directly in her path. While all I could do was laugh, Alicia took advantage of a break in traffic and pushed the bale with her truck all the way across the highway. WHEW!!! My smart, fast thinking friend rocks!

Now, we had the task of getting 700 pounds of hay back on the trailer...one BIG flake at a time. While we were certainly capable of the task, there had to have been a dozen big pick-ups, driven by big men, who drove past as we labored. I have to believe they didn't stop because we didn't look like damsels in distress...but it sure would have been gallant of them if they had.