Either I am an idiot or I have become very Eco-friendly. Yesterday I did something that saved water, soap and time. I call it manly multitasking. I was going to wash my jeans when I realized that my daughter was using the washer and the dryer. I didn't feel like waiting all day for her to finish so I did what any intelligent, free thinking man would do. I showered with my jeans on.

I jumped in the shower sporting my Levis and washed myself just like I usually do. After the soaping the rinsing process was over. I removed the jeans, hung them on the shower rod and finished my shower. I left the pants hanging all day and this morning slipped into some dry, freshly shower cleaned denim. I feel I should get extra guy card points for this one. I used no energy or excess detergent and have clean pants. I rule! Have you ever washed your clothes in the shower?