I have never heard of this stuff.  Soft and pliable like a blanket till you get it wet; then it turns into hard concrete just hours later.

I ran across this on Facebook (imagine that) this afternoon and just thought it was fascinating.  The principle alone blows me away. How come I didn't think of this.

A British company called Concrete Canvas has come up with a fabric that is like a blanket.  You can fold it etc. but once you soak it in water, it hardens into concrete.  The building in the picture is actually just rolled out and then inflated with an air blower. Once that is done, you simply take a hose and soak it.

Then kick back with a few beers and watch it harden. Sort of like watching grass grow or paint dry only much more exciting.

Think of all the possibilities this could provide:

  • Homeless Shelters
  • Disaster Relief Shelters
  • Bugout Shelters
  • Shops
  • Hunting Camps
  • Canal Ditches
  • Garage

The ideas are simply endless.  What would you do with some concrete canvas?  List your ideas below.