Soon, if you have Verizon service in Greeley, you'll be able to download those videos of 'trampoline fails' a whole lot faster!

Get the details on Verizon's 4G in Greeley!

For Verizon users in Greeley, it must have seemed like eons, having to wait for them to bring 4G service to town!  According to The Northern Colorado Gazette, the wait is all but over! According to the story, a Verizon spokesperson says that they will have 4g in Greeley within the next month!

The coverage will extend north to Weld County Road 64, south to 49th Street, east to Weld County Road 45, and west to 83rd avenue.

That's pretty good coverage!  They will also be getting 4g to Longmont, Aspen and Pueblo areas well.

Verizon is spending a TON of money to get the expansion done- not only in Colorado, but across the country.

From The Greeley Gazette

The company has invested over $70 billion in its network since the company was first formed in 2000. Verizon Wireless currently has over 92.4 million customers and by the end of this year the company’s 4G network is expected to be available to over 260 million people across the country.

[The Verizon spokesperson noted that] “Since 2000 Verizon Wireless has spent over $1.16 billion in Colorado alone and last year the company spent nearly $160 million in the state.”



So stand by, Greeley- faster phones are on the way!