The game of Monopoly has caused severe family fights all across the country and the biggest fight was usually before the game even started.  I remember my brother punching me in the face once because I grabbed the "battleship" a little too quickly. Now Hasbro has announced that one of the iconic pieces will be kicked to the curb.

On the chopping block are all your favorites.  Hasbro has them locked up in Jail and all but one will be getting out. And we have been asked to decide which one goes.

I have to ask...WHY?

This is an iconic game we all grew up with and I see no reason to change the history of the game.  Who cares about a new piece?  I don't. We are also being asked to vote on the NEW piece which are a robot, diamond ring, cat, guitar and a helicopter. (Click on the gallery below to see the new pieces.)

Here are the vote tallies on the old pieces at the time of this story:

  • Race Car - 52735
  • Thimble - 13957
  • Old Boot - 06389
  • Scottie Dog - 61298
  • Iron - 37109
  • Battleship - 20967
  • Hat - 45367
  • Wheelbarrow - 24601

Looks like the boot may be getting booted and why are those Battleship numbers so low?  I got punched in the face over that piece...let's get those numbers up and not let my tears go in vain.

But it's not the first time this has happened.  In the '50's Hasbro nixed the purse, lantern and rocking horse and replaced them with the dog, man on horseback, and wheelbarrow.

And don't forget to case your own vote in my poll.  Tell me which is your LEAST favorite of the pieces.