I wrote a story over a year ago about why Dave Canterbury suddenly vanished from Dual Survivor, one of my favorite shows. So what happened now to Cody Lundin?

First, it was Dave Cantebury, one of the original Dual Survivors. Although the claim was that he lied about his military service, he did serve in the 260th Military Police Company and the 759th Military Police Battalion stationed at Fort Carson, CO – "The Mountain Post". It seems as though he did perhaps lie about being an Army Ranger, 20 years of military experience and a few other things.

So they replaced him with Joe Teti whom I can't stand and therefore, stopped watching the show for the most part. Just don't like the guy for some reason, but I would watch from time to time. Don't get me wrong...he is one bad dude but he just doesn't cut my mustard as a reality actor.

Now, Cody Lundin is gone. He was a show favorite from the beginning with ratings higher than any other member of the show.  Discovery stated it was a "safety" issue so I have no idea what that means unless they thought Cody's bare feet were a liability?  They first said he had "quit" the show but Lundin says that simply isn't true and I tend to believe him over a TV network that changed their story I think three times.

Lundin has been replaced by Matt Graham.