Let me tell you a little story about what could be the next big thing to drive you nuts when all you wanna do is get out of the house and relax for a while.

A Jukebox War.

A what?

I know- it sounds crazy, but it’s happening. I have the details when you “Read More”.

So over the weekend, I was hanging out with a buddy of mine and we decided to stop in downtown Loveland for a couple of beers.

We stopped at Burk’s Tavern first- it is probably the smallest bar in Loveland– but they have a tiny patio- so Mark and I grabbed a couple of beers and stepped just outside to enjoy the sunshine.

As we’re sitting there we could hear the jukebox from inside.  It starts playing some awful song -a definite non-fit for Burk’s- Starland Vocal Band‘s “Afternoon Delight“.

One of the guys from inside, Tommy, comes out out to have a cigarette and he starts looking across the way in the direction of Sports Station- another bar in downtown Loveland-

“Nice. Real nice, guys…” -to the street he seems to say.

“What’s the deal?” I ask.

“Oh, Timbo over at Sports Station has been playing songs on our jukebox- BAD songs.  And we’ve been sending bad songs back”

“What. How?”

“There’s a phone app.”

Apparently, the Touch Tunes jukeboxes- since they connect to the internet- have an app so that you can use your phone to choose and play a song.  The idea being, that you

don’t have to get up, and stand in front of the jukebox to get a song- you can’t stay at the bar or at your table. Less work- isn’t that how it’s done these days?

However, the app is set up so that you can login to whichever jukebox you want to within your ‘nearby’ area.  I’m sure they made the app thinking- “Why would anyone pay a dollar to NOT hear a song?”

Well, I guess they understand jukeboxes, just not bar patrons.

After suffering through a few bad songs at Burk’s my buddy Mark and I walked over to Sports Station- as the Jukebox War continued.

We sat at the bar, and had to suffer through more auditory torture as Burk’s was playing bad songs on Sports Station‘s jukebox.


Finally, it ended. After Sports Station had sent “Tiptoe Through The Tulips” over to Burk‘s- they surrendered.

After all of that torture- though it was kind of fun… I went old-school:

I got up off my butt, walked OVER to the jukebox, put in a dollar and punched up some Billy Joel.

Has anything like a Jukebox War happened to you yet?