Mother's Day is this Sunday, the day to honor mom. I think we should honor mom every day but we will take this one opportunity to express our love. I am so lucky to have been raised by the most wonderful, supportive and loving mom a child could have. I know I put my mom through hell in my youth. Mom had every reason to give up on me but she never did. Mom has always been my biggest fan and believer in me.

I can remember sitting in the basement listening to Elvis records with mom. She would use her short hand skills to write down the lyrics so I could perform the songs in the backyard. I would invite the neighborhood over to hear me sing. Mom would sit right there smiling and encouraging me. I am forever grateful to mom for teaching me what true unconditional love is. If I have one wish in my life it is that mom knows how much her boy loves her and appreciates all she has done for me.

I am also so lucky that my kids have gotten to experience the  same kind of motherly love that I did. My wife is the most amazing mother. She is one of those who would sacrifice all she has to make sure the kids were happy and taken care of. No matter what life would throw at them, mom was there with advice and loving help and still is to this day. I hope my kids feel as lucky as I do to have such wonderful women in their lives. Mom is your first love and the measuring stick for all other women who try to find their way into your heart.

Thank you mom for all you have taught me. I can never say it enough. I love you and am honored to be your son. Thank you Kyla for giving our kids the same example of what a mom should be that I had. Our daughter is now passing the same love onto our grandson.