We never forget our first loves. I remember being a young boy and thinking that Betty Rubble was a hottie. I had a thing for Ann Margaret too after seeing her in Viva Las Vegas with Elvis. I remember telling my dad that she made me feel kind of funny when I saw her on TV and my dad telling me that she had that same effect on him too. It wasn't until 1978 that I found what I thought was true love though.

When I was a young teenage boy I fell in love and lust with Tanya Tucker. I can still picture that leather outfit she wore on the "TNT" album cover. My love affair continued through my adult years where I referred to her as "my lovely ex-wife" the first several years I was on the air and pretended that I was once married to her. If I were to list my all time favorite female country singers, I can honestly say that Tanya would be on top of my list. There would be no Miranda's now if there wasn't a Tanya Tucker then. She was a sexy fireball with a great voice, fierce attitude and great songs.

Today my lovely ex turns 58 so I put together my top 5 Tanya hits. This was a tough list. She has decades of hits to pick from since she started at the age of 13. I missed many gems but this is my personal top 5. Happy Birthday Tanya....still love you.

5.Tell Me About It

4.Just Another Love

3. Strong Enough To Bend

2. Texas (When I Die)

1. Delta Dawn