Today Tim McGraw is 44 years young, and because he is one of the most successful and well like artists of our time I felt we owe him a big happy birthday from K99! Here are my top five favorite Tim McGraw songs, but I want to know what your favorites are too! 

5. "Indian Outlaw"- You have to go back to 1994 for his first top 40 hit, and a clever tune at that!  

4. "Don't Take The Girl"- Another one off the "Not A Moment Too Soon" album, and the first song that ever made me cry. It's hard to pull my emotional chain that hard, but this song was the first ever song I heard that did that!  

3. "Telluride"- Being a proud Colorado native its always cool to hear an artist sing about a place that is near and dear to you heart, and he hit the hammer on the head with this tune.

2. "It's Your Love"- I was pretty young, but I remember going to a Tim and Faith show at the Greeley Stampede many years ago, and no one knew yet, but they were dating. Faith came out on stage and proudly announced she was wearing Tim's pants. You just felt that you were at the start of something special that night, and many years later looking back you now know you were. Tim and Faith did quite a few duets, but this is my favorite. Such a beautiful song!

1. "My Little Girl"- I have a daughter who is almost three, and the light of my life. When I hear a song like this it brings a giant smile to my face and a tear to my eye. Tim says everything in this tune exactly how any father wished they could, and therefore it's #1 on my list of Tim McGraw songs!

 Ok, now it's your turn. What are your Tim Mcgraw favorites? Also, check out the new article from our friends at Taste of Country with Tim giving advise on raising daughter's.