Happy Birthday to the king of country George Strait. Aside from Elvis, George is my musical hero. He just oozes coolness. I have traveled the country to see this man perform. I have been to Vegas, Kansas City and many more places to see this man tear up a stage without moving. I have so much respect for him as a person and performer. He doesn't need to do anything on the that stage but stand there and sing. You know you are cool when you can get an arena full of people to scream just by pointing.

George does things his own way which I admire greatly. He has been married to same woman forever, writes music with his son, tours when he wants to and does one interview a year to go along with his yearly new CD release. He has found a way to remain himself yet give the fans a piece of him as well. How do you get to be 60 years old and be better than ever at what you do? Depending on what chart you look at George has had between 55 and 60 number one songs. That is just amazing. There are more number ones to come as well. The classic cowboy is far from done. God bless you George and thank you for the music and man you are. Pure class.