Troyal Garth Brooks was born on this date in Luba, Oklahoma. 51 years ago the greatest selling country artist of all time came into the world. Garth walked away from the biggest career in music since Elvis to raise his family. I can think of nothing classier. I respect the heck out him for that. The talk is that he ready to start getting prepared to tour and record again. I can hardly wait. He is still, to this day, the most kind and gracious man I have met in the business. Happy Birthday Garth. Here are 5 personal favorite Garth tunes. I know your list will be different. You won't find "The Dance" or "Friends In Low Places" on my list but I know they are probably the 2 biggest of his career. Let me know what you would include in the comments section below. Garth is one of the few artists that give you no access to their music through iTunes or YouTube but I have included some cool Garth clips to check out.

My Top 5

5. If Tomorrow Never Comes
4. It's Midnight Cinderella
3. Much Too Young
2. More Than A Memory
1. To Make You Feel My Love

Jay Leno shows Garth his very first TV appearance.

Garth sings America the Beautiful at the Points of Light ceremony.

Here is his appearance on Trisha's Southern Kitchen show.

This is a very moving version of "The Dance" he sang at the Dan Wheldon memorial tribute.