I have been an Elvis fan since birth. I used to watch his movies and would do my Elvis impression in the backyard and invite the neighbors over for the show. I can remember listening to his records and my mom would use her short hand skills to copy down the lyrics for me so I could sing along. My musical hero would be 78 today. He has now been dead almost as long as he was alive and I am still as big of a fan as ever.

I remember January 14, 1973 when Elvis Aloha From Hawaii was going to be broadcast on TV. This was an event unlike anything network television has ever covered. I was so excited that day. I remember my parents taking me out for ice cream at the Bridgeman Ice Cream Shop in Northfield, Minnesota to help keep me busy until show time. We came home from ice cream and waited for Adam-12 to finish so we could see the king in his glory. Seeing the helicopter landing in Hawaii and seeing him climb out was so exciting for me. I still have my album of the show and recently picked up a DVD of this legendary concert. Happy Birthday Elvis and thank you for all you did to shape music, fashion, society and coolness. There will never be another one. Check out a good chunk of that concert here and relive the magic.