I have never been more proud in my career as I was when Dan + Shay had their first number one hit a while back with "Nothin' Like You". I have believed in these men since the first moment I heard them and am proud to call them good friends. One of those good friends, Dan Smyers, is celebrating his birthday today.


I can honestly say that in all of my, nearly 30 years of doing this, I have never developed a friendship with an artist like I have with Dan. He is just pure class and is a genuinely wonderful human being. The success they have had is based, not only on their incredible talent but on their incredible kindness. I have never seen anyone win over the people in the industry like Dan has. I don't think there is a jock in radio who is not a Facebook friend with Dan. There may not be another artist who is more connected with his fans than Dan is either.

If you are a young artist trying to make it, you should follow the lead of Dan Smyers and do things the way he has. He has made every impression count. It is so cool to see good things happen to good people and it is about to happen again. To celebrate Dan's birthday week, it looks like they are about to have their second number one hit this week with "From the Ground Up".

Happy birthday to my friend and to one of the best guys in our business Dan Smyers. Hope you are surrounded by puppies and loving it brother.