I talk quite often about being a Happiness Warrior. I surround myself with Happiness Warriors and feel we can truly change the world one good deed, one kind gesture or one kind word at time. They all pile up and change the mood of your immediate surroundings and effect the day of all who encounter you. I want to get some Happiness Warrior t-shirts printed up so we can spread the word of our mission.

Today is the best day of the week for Happiness Warriors. Today is #NBT or No Bitch Thursday if you will. We could all need a break from the complaining and anger in the world. It seems like everyone is mad about something or upset with someone.Let’s make a vow to take a break from that for one day a week. Please join me in making every Thursday a complaint free zone.

I am very happy to see many of you embracing it on Facebook and getting behind it. Your mood and attitude are contagious, so for one day a week be only positive in what you say and post on social media. One day a week do not complain about other drivers, coworkers, politicians, gun rights, make people copy and paste things to prove they are your friend or tell me how a politician should be impeached. A day away from all of that crap can actually make the mood of the world better. We have the power to create a kinder and gentler vibe. I ask for your help in spreading the word about #NBT and let’s make it a better place to be at least for one day a week. Happiness Warriors unite.Happy #NBT! By the way, you look great today.