Back in 1975 Hank Williams Jr was mountain climbing on Ajax Mountain in Montana. Hank took a near fatal fall and was busted up terrible. We nearly lost him on that day. Can you imagine how different the history of country music would be if he hadn't survived? He went on to record so many classic country songs that fill our music's history and influenced so many artists.

They even made a movie about the accident which oddly starred Richard Thomas, who played John Boy Walton on TV, as Hank. Check out a People Magazine article about him after the accident here. I have put together a bit of tribute to Hank and his survival and ongoing career here. Love him or not, one thing is for sure, Hank is Hank and does not compromise. Artist from all genres of music like to record with Hank as you will see from the video collection, including rock legends Van Halen.

Check out an interview with Hank without a beard

Here is Hank with the boys from Van Halen

Watch Hank as a young man singing one of his daddy's hits

Who can forget this classic of Hank Sr and Hank Jr?