If you know anything about the Good Morning Guys you know we love children and are actually a couple of 50 year old children ourselves. There is no greater joy than getting to spend time with children. I am lucky to get to do that everyday with my grandchildren but we also get to head out to schools every week and spend time with kids as well. People will comment and say how nice that is of us to do, but believe we get more from the kids than we could ever give them.

Earlier this week we went to High Plains Elementary School in Loveland and read some Dr. Seuss books to Ms. Bellinghausen's 3rd grade class. They were such an amazing group of children. Todd and I sat there and laughed and goofed around with a bunch of new friends and it was so good for my soul. Those kids made me feel like Superman. They even lined up to give us hugs after we were done reading. It was such a gift. I was in a bit of funky mood when I got there and those kids and their spirit and smiles lifted me like a balloon at the Macy's Parade. I left with an even stronger and deeper appreciation of the hearts, kindness and beauty of children.

It got even better. I got to work this work this morning and found a big manila envelope filled with handwritten letters from our new 3rd grade friends. I read every letter and looked at every drawing they did and had tears cascading down my cheeks. I am honored to receive such praise and thanks from those who mean the most. Thank you children. We love you and will treasure your letters forever. I am blessed.