Halloween is a weird little holiday to me. I remember it as a child, mom didn't have a lot of money so my costumes were typically homemade and we didn't have much of an imagination and 'props' were limited;  I was frequently a hobo (back in my day hobo was an acceptable term) or a witch.

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  • The word itself is an abbreviation or a smashing together of a group of words, It is "All Hallows Eve" or Evening
  • Celtic people were the first to celebrate Halloween with a festival over 2000 years ago
  • Initially the festival only included the UK, Ireland and France
  • It was believed by the people of the day that the dead could walk the earth on Halloween
  • Trick-or-Treating was a soulful journey, it started in the UK and Ireland where people would go door to door asking for small cakes in exchange for prayer
  • The Irish and the Scots originally beets and turnips and used them as lanterns on Halloween night
  • There are a couple of different idea's of where Jack in Jack-o-Lantern came from, but my favorite is that a man named Jack wasn't allowed into Heaven or Hell and was forced to walk the earth with only coal from Hell to light his lantern
  • Here's a fun one, the Scottish and Irish brought Halloween to the States in the 1800's, but the Haitians and African immigrants brought voodoo beliefs, black cats, fire and witchcraft

Resource: cnn.com

No matter what you believe Halloween has been going strong since before the beginning of time... LOL When I was a child I went trick-or-treating, as a young adult I didn't believe in Halloween anymore and didn't participate in any Halloween activities nor did I allow my children to participate, not in trick-or-treating and not in classroom parties (yes, I was that mom that wrote a note to the teacher and said they weren't allowed to participate) and when Ashley and Colton were about 6/7 I changed my thoughts and ideals and let them participate in everything, Zachariah and Natasha were 12/13 and a bit upset with me as they missed so many candy begging years-ha ha ha ha ha I do believe they made up for that though their first year out. Today, I see it as another day, but one that my Colton really enjoyed. He decorated the house and acted as a statue on the porch before going out Trick-or-Treating himself, I miss those days, but I can still remember them like they were yesterday and that puts a smile on my face.

Happy Halloween, be safe and remember, I get all of the 100,000 bars! :) (it's the rule)