Right out of the pages from the Turtle Man or Honey Boo Boo Halle Berry' real life takes a wicked turn.


Picture this... Thanksgiving morning and your current guy gets in a brawl with your ex that sends both of them to the hospital! It's true and not just cause the internet says so (a little tv commercial mocking there :P) Berry's ex was arrested and will now face battery and misdemeanor charges for the incident.

The tension between Berry and her ex, Gabriel Aubry is not much unlike many stories we've heard before, seen on tv or lived in our own lives. It stems, at least in part from a heated custody situation where Halle Berry wants to move to France to be with her fiancee Olivier Martinez and take their 4 year old child, Nahla. In her fight to make the move with Nahla, Berry lost her case recently in a Los Angeles court.

Tensions are high and there's no word how this may all turn out, Aubry is now claiming that Martinez threatened to kill him if he did not let Berry take the child to France.

Popcorn anyone? Only the days ahead will tell what's in store for this saga.