With Valentines Day less then a month away, but still more then a week away, most men probably haven't even thought about what they are getting the special lady for the big day. Time is running out boys, and there are a few things that may be convenient to pick up, but be careful because I have a list of six items that will surely earn you a trip to the doghouse.

Men's Health magazine asked 1,354 women which presents could earn you a one way ticket to Splitsville (on a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being from Cupid, 10 being from Stupid).

3.0 - Spa makeover

Sure, most ladies like a day of relaxation at the spa, with a massage and maybe a manicure and pedicure, but be careful when purchasing at the spa guys. Nothing says you need a new look because I don't like the one you have now like a makeover!

4.1 - Gift card

Lazy! Women are not like men in that we would be totally satisfied with a gift card to get exactly what we wanted from Bass Pro Shops, they want hard evidence you know them, and went out of your way to show your love! If you must get a gift card, at least go to Victoria's Secret!

5.9 - Anything "As seen on TV"

I think it's all junk anyway, and so will she! Even the jewelery on QVC is probably going to show up at your door looking a little less spectacular then it did on the big screen. Wal-Mart is a better option then buying off the TV!

6.4 - Cheap jewelry

See, told you Wal-Mart was a better option, just not much better! Women may say how pretty they think that $75 dollar necklace that every high school kid gave to his fling too is, but you really want her to brag to her friends. That wont happen here, they will joke about it, and that turns into joking about you, and the goal here is to not get poked fun of, but to do the... well you know!

6.6 - Bargain bin chocolate

If it's February 13th at 10 p.m. and you are digging through the four heart shaped boxes of chocolates they have left at Safeway, chances are the candies are going to be broken, box bent, and lady unhappy! Be creative with your chocolates this year. Go to a gourmet chocolate shop or order something special online.

7.1 - Too big lingerie

The number one mistake guys! If you don't know her size, get something else! This can actually be a double negative because so many pieces fit so differently, you could have the right size and still be wrong! Be careful here, as a matter of fact, unless she specifically asks for it, I say stay away from the sexy underwear until she is there with you to help!