Old man winter has been sleeping on the job this fall, but something tells me he has decided to come out and play.

gregwalters, flickr

Like it or not it's coming our way. The forecast will whirl up a snow storm by tomorrow night/Thursday morning... if old man winter is up and ready for the task and has his java.

Rain tomorrow night is expected to turn to snow after midnight. So here's the big question... you ready?

What is the best thing about the first snowfall? Making snowmen? Having snowball fights? Sitting on your covered porch with hot cocoa watching the snow glisten in the street lights? Or the way your dog gets out there and jumps till his jumper won't work anymore?

What is the worst thing about the first snowfall? How people year to year forget how to drive in "weather"? The cold? Having to get out of bed and go to work? Or how your dog is covered in snow, wet and smelly and still wants to cuddle in bed with you?

I love putting on my hoodie and my snow boots and cuddling up with a cup of coffee at work looking out onto the street as people drive and walk by the studio. It almost makes me want to play "Let it Snow", plus it means the holidays are not far behind.

Get ready, get set... it's gonna snow!!!!!!!